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Taking wines home with you yourself


People touring with us often have the problem that they cannot take many wines home when they have to fly.

Wine in your cabin or carry-on luggage is generally not allowed. An exception might be wines that you have bought in a tax free shop at the airport. 

Wines in your checked baggage is accepted. As wine normally contains less than 24% alcohol there are no restrictions on the quantity. BUT individual airlines often have weight limits to your luggage.Typically this is 23 kg. for international passengers and as you have also your clothes etc., and other souvenirs, this can be a problem. 


For each country there are different import laws ( duty, tariffs and quantity limits). In the USA: for personal use there are very low per bottle duties and taxes varying from $ 1,= to $ 2,= per bottle.So for travelers from the USA it is interesting and absolutely possible to bring some wines.

More information in the Member area's.

In France we offer Lazenne products to make transport more convenient.


Shipping wines worldwide - Wine Club USA


We can ship the wines you have bought on a tour for you to many countries in the world.

For our American customers we even went one step further. Checkout the JoliSoleil Wine Club USA pages. 

Americans can now also (re-)order wines from Alsace, Burgundy and Tuscany from their home. We take care of all duties and custom papers. The wines will be delivered by UPS on your doorstep.For some wines this is the ONLY way to get them in the USA as they might not officially be imported in your country. 

You do NOT pay the sales tax (TVA) which makes shipping very affordable.

We use the same solution to send you the tasting wines for a virtual wine tasting using ZOOM.

Example: breakdown of costs for a wine that costs Euro 25,= (TTC (with tax)) in France in 2019



So with 30 bottles or more you pay 20+5= 25 Euro per bottle AND get the wine delivered in the USA at your home!.

That is the same as you would pay in France (TTC) at the winery.

The JoliSoleil Wine Club USA - become a member too !

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